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Milly The Naughty Pony Storybook

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Clip Clop! Clip Clop! Meet Milly, a spunky little pony living on Mr. Crocker’s farm. All Milly ever wants to do is escape from her paddock to explore the farm for delicious food. She is always hungry which gets her into trouble and sometimes even into tight places. Luckily, Milly has Chip, her best friend, who likes to help her out, but unfortunately, he is not always reliable. 

Milly The Naughty Pony is a witty story with vivid illustrations, this tale is a gentle reminder of why it’s important to slow down and savour every bite in life. It’s sure to entertain young readers and parents alike with something to learn.

Self-published, made by hand storybooks with watercolour paintings created for the delight of young readers and those of us young at heart. Kyla’s storybooks are designed to be enjoyed little keepsakes for the home and nursery.

All paper is sourced from paper mills in the USA and Italy. Working with materials that are FSC certified and made from post-consumer recycled fibres. All paper is acid and lignin-free.

 An artisan-made storybook written and illustrated by Kyla N. Ilic.

28 pages 
14 watercolour illustrations
12 pen illustrations
Dimensions: 8.5” x 6"