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Alizarin Poppies

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Like vivid blotted ink drops of alizarin red, these poppies brought the idea of a new painting from a brilliant bouquet in the front window of an old Victorian home. The tenacious blooms were the centrepiece accentuated by pink valerian, larkspur and English lavender.  This art print is perfect for a floral-loving person looking to freshen up their home with some timeless beauty. 

All prints are printed on Aurora Art White paper. This luxurious glare-resistant paper from Red River Paper is made using fine 100% cotton rag content. This beautiful paper features a brighter white shade for crisp colour tones, a semi-smooth surface, acid-free base stock, and coating.

The fibre is made from cotton linters. These linters are considered "recovered fibres" by the EPA. By using linters, Aurora production is putting to use what would have become waste. It's a win for the environment and a win for you!

Everything is printed in my studio with Canon Pro 1000 printer with Lucia ink for quality printing with extremely high black density and colour gamut.

Available Sizes: 8x10, 11x14 & 13x19

Prints are signed by me, the artist.