The Missing Basil - Abby’s Point of View

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

This morning is quieter than usual. Axel is chewing on the mat. I enjoyed a full night's rest in the hay box so morning laps will be extra speedy today. I just might dig out the entire litter box after breakfast.

Axel has been on a three-day rant about Basil. Honestly, I think he is going crazy. Two days ago he hopped right up to my nose and demanded to know where I was keeping it. Keeping what? I ran him off because that’s just rabbit rudeness. He’s losing it, mumbling on about getting inside the silver box.

Now I overhear him telling Lambie, our stuffed buddy, that he’s got a plan. I want nothing to do with this plan. He will get caught, just like when he escaped in the middle of the night and chewed shoelaces in the closet.

Let’s not forget about when he found the treats bag, got a rush off it and scratched opened the toilet paper bags. Afterward, he ran right into Kyla’s feet and got put back. Hey amateur, you can’t leave behind the evidence. You must pace yourself with the goody bags.

There’s too much work to be done. I must toss my pellet dish for more food and test watercolour papers in the studio.

Binky on,