The Creative Adult

“The creative adult is the child who has survived.”

~ Ursula K. Le Guin.

To have creativity is to have the ability to transform an idea into reality. It’s about taking concepts, hidden pathways and a little imagination to generate solutions. Acting on creativity is what helps us perceive the world in new refreshing ways.

Watching children at play are great examples of how creativity and imagination are used to transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Children use nature and playgrounds as opportunities to develop their creative thought processes. Learning becomes accelerated as they use emotional, social, motor and cognitive abilities to create mighty castles and imagine leafs and birds nests as mystical devices to communicate by. Play is fueled by curiosity and if nurtured, can grow into creative problem solving strategies.

Creativity is the driving force of today’s innovations and start up businesses. We need more creativity and play in the workforce. These crucial skills don’t get developed or promoted nearly at the rate they deserve. The only thing stronger than our own imagination is being able to connect with other imaginations around the world.

Imagination is key to finding new idea-based solutions on problems within our organizations, communities and businesses.

At Pippin’s Press, nature, simplicity, transformation, play, and spontaneity are all part of that creative process.

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