The Bashful Bunny's Second Edition

The Bashful Bunny is the first book I created. I had written a little poem and put it on hold for so long that one day it said, “Paint me or I’ll move on.” And I did just that, paint it.

I didn’t quite know how to go about it, how it should look or how to make the book. A little white rabbit kept popping up everywhere on my easel. Was he Mr. Pippin? It turned out he was not; Mr. Pippin appeared a year later full of gusto to inspire us and tell his stories for the press. Since then, the books have come a long way! They require a lot of practice, some epic failures at binding and printing, but mostly patience with myself and the craft of bookmaking.

I still have the prototype. I must admit it was a work in progress. And yet here we are three years later going into the second edition with new illustrations and layout. I never gave up on it and now the second edition is going to shine more brightly. It seems The Bashful Bunny is not so bashful after all as I paint him once again. He wants to take up the full page and show his cute little nose in a gentler, softer version.

A springtime pastel color scheme is the theme of the second edition. Spring is my favorite season. It’s a time of growth and renewal and the perfect time to come back to this little poem book. I find being outdoors on the bright green grass and enjoying the sunshine helps me discover the shapes I want the paintings to be, with the Easter color theme and the gentle rays of light of an early spring morning. These are all the things a painter hopes to express about the way an innocent character is learning about the wonderful fresh world.

The book will have a softer cover with new paintings and more illustrations throughout. I plan to have The Bashful Bunny ready for the end of April. Don’t forget to check back and see how it works out.

I Will have a pre-order option up shortly!! You'll definitely want to get your hands on this adorable little book.

I hope you love this adorable little book.


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