Straight From The Bunny Loft

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Abby a Dutch House Rabbit

Abby here! I know it’s been quite sometime since my last entry but there’s been lots going on. Since early spring the house has been bustling with activity.

We finally got our two-storey bunny condo and I love it! The upstairs loft is larger than the one we had before so now we can sprawl out together. We snooze up there in the afternoons since there is more privacy. I had to show everyone that I’m the faster rabbit at leaping up and down from the loft and all the way down the hallway. I zoom through feet and leap past Axel to get to the kitchen for a treat. I think I should get two treats for being the fastest…

Inspecting the new bunny condo

We now have a large rug to run and play about on. The humans were very clever taping down and tucking in the corners because I’m determined to chew, chew, chew! Plus, a rabbit never knows what secret little places are hidden under those corners.

Axel still grumbles from time to time. Since our bunny diets, he’s now a leaner-looking bunny. We both have super shiny coats but he’ll tell you how he’s wasting away. It’s amusing to watch him run after the treats bag or get excited when he hears it shake. He runs in circles with his tail straight up or begs on his tiptoes. Honestly, what a ninny.

Abby & Axel hanging out on their new bunny loft

The food box is locked and every day Axel guards it, unless of course it’s nap time, bathroom time, digging time, grooming time, oh and giving the humans the stink eye time! He's always hoping that one of these days they’ll forget to put the lid back down. So far, no such luck.

Now that summer is here the herbs and grass are in full bloom! We get our weekly bunny salads mixed with fresh grass. Rabbits love their bunny salads all cut up and portioned into dinner meals.

Axel appreciates that there’s sometimes basil in it, and I love the kale. We’ve gotten used to our high fibre pellets and if the humans are late with our breakfast, I start scratching at their bedroom door. We’ve changed our morning sprints from 6 a.m. to 5 a.m. now that summer is here. We charge down the hallway then tear at the doormat if we don’t hear from them. Don’t they know it’s rude to make a rabbit wait? Especially since we’ve been up since

3 a.m.

I better go inspect the willow sticks before Axel does!

Binky on,