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Updated: Jan 21, 2020

As an artist, reinvention is important to me. It’s why I express moments of playfulness and curiosity in my storybooks. I want to create a sense of craftsmanship throughout my storytelling and show that we can create anything we dare to imagine. It’s one of the reasons I print my work on various coloured pages with raw edges; its character and individuality entices the reader. I want my readers to open the book and be enthralled by its creativity.

Set up and ready to go at Wind & Willow Children's Fair last year.

I enjoy children’s literature a lot. I found I don’t have to fit my work into some sort of box or checklist. There are no real guidelines in how to express the written world of imagination. It’s an adaptation of sorts, where illustrator and writer come together to assemble a world of inner fantasy where each character or scene has something to say. Anything goes in children’s literature, and often it is simplicity that shines best. My inner child will often come out to share in the joy of creating.

Portrait of Chip, the goat.

It’s a precious moment watching the minds of young readers run wild with anticipation as they’re introduced to the characters and their setting. Chip, in Milly The Naughty Pony, caught me by surprise because he’s an unrelenting character that just keeps showing up. It makes me smile knowing he is liked by both adults and children.

There’s always an underlying message in a children’s story which even adults can appreciate. When children imagine themselves in a character’s position or empathize with their struggle, it opens an opportunity to share and talk about our emotions.

Often there is some “rite of passage” that the protagonist must go through to achieve the happy ending. Children can begin to learn about new emotions felt through the lens of their beloved characters along with the life lesson. It becomes a wonderful bonding and teaching moment when children begin to understand how our actions and emotions go hand in hand. It’s just another thing I love about children’s literature – the silver linings throughout early adolescence adventures.

Photo credited to: @happystylishfit

The more I learn about self-publishing and bookmaking, the more I want to explore new possibilities. I’m not interested in following any trends, yet I want to stay fresh and current with what is happening in the industry of children’s books. Essentially, I want to keep creating little works of art for my young readers and maintain a modern touch. I want to inspire them to believe in what a creative life could look like.

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