Pippin’s Art Show with RAW – Natural Born Artists

Photo credit: West Olsen RAW Lead Photographer

This October Pippin’s Press was part of RAW – a Natural Born Artists exhibition called Stellar, here in Victoria. It’s an international community made up of creative individuals and a fun alternative way for artists to showcase their work both locally and internationally.

All the prepping, organizing, ticket selling and media promoting led up to one amazing event which I was glad to be involved in. The event featured a huge lineup of emerging artists from almost every art form to come and showcase their work. Once the doors opened, the performances began and the evening got busy!

The RAW event organizers were courteous and efficient in getting us all organized at our stations and behind the stage. They cared about the talent as well as putting on a great show for everyone. RAW’s mission is to give independent artists resources and exposure to help develop their creative careers. It’s hosted for artists by artists.

The venue was transformed into an evening of visual and electric celebration where everyone was feeling the creative energy. Through the main stage and up through the second floor were sections filled with paintings, portraits, graphic design items, jewelry, landscape photos, makeup artists, apparel, etc. Each artist showed something unique.

Photo credit: Tiffany Moore Assistant RAW Photographer

It was a superb experience sharing my storybooks and artwork with everyone who stopped by, connecting with new customers and getting to meet so many other artists. I was humbled by the positive feedback people gave me. I should also note that much of my gratitude goes to my husband, who has been my biggest supporter from the beginning. He helped carry all my work up two flights of stairs and stayed for the whole thing. By the end of the night, I was elated by how the exhibition had worked out. Overall, it was a success. Not only did I sell some work, but the show also prompted me to put my best foot forward so Pippin’s Press got some exposure to a larger audience.

As part of their artists’ incentive plan, RAW offers showcase touring around North America and Australia. I’m excited to be attending Calgary’s RAW Art Show next year! Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted about that.

RAW Victoria Stellar Arts Showcase

It was at times overwhelming, loud and exhausting, but it was also exciting, fun and rewarding! The artwork and performances were… well yeah – stellar! Even the energy was exhilarating.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket and came out to make it a memorable show!


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