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Milly The Naughty Pony Coming June!!

All Milly ever wants to do is escape from her paddock to explore the farm for delicious food. She is always hungry which gets her into trouble and sometimes even into tight places. Luckily Milly has Chip, her best friend, who likes to help her out, but unfortunately he is not always reliable.

I'm excited to share in the progress of how this book is coming along, and can't wait for readers to meet the two troublemakers living on Mr. Crocker’s farm. I’m thrilled how Milly turned out. She is so full of mischief and life that I bet there will be more adventures to come. This will be my fourth book set for self-publication and quite possibility the start of a series, but more on that later.

This handcrafted storybook will have 28 pages with mixed illustrations of pen and watercolour. It will also have a special message from Mr. Pippin to his readers. Boys and girls will both like this story. It’s easy and fun to read with cheerful illustrations on every page, plus it’s hard not to be amused by chip. I love the illustrations! I had so much fun painting this plump active pony.

Ages 6-7 would like this, but I think even younger kids would enjoy this story being read to them before bed.

The underlying message of the story is to slow down and enjoy life. All Milly ever wants to do is eat and eat and eat! It also touches on the fine lines of actions and consequences.

I’m waiting on the last shipment of paper to arrive so I can get to work on binding the books!

Stay tuned for Milly and Chip's adventures!

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