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A few months ago I attended a runner’s meet-up group. In between our gasps for air someone asked me, “When are you going to write a grown-up book?”

The question took me a little by surprise. Chuckling, I replied, “I guess when I’m all grown up.” Heading home that evening, I was still thinking about the question. I’ve written my fair share of academic essays, done reporting and have published poetry pieces. What is really important is my love of writing and creating for children, imagining in every way possible how the world looks through their eyes.

My upcoming books will be filled with mischievous ponies, fainting goats, and a rabbit trying to find its way back to the moon. There just might be a barn ghost somewhere in there too. Different characters often emerge full of curiosity. Children’s books can be silly and fun; they can also be endearing, adventurous and tackle some pretty gritty stuff about the world. Anything goes in children’s literature. The artwork and illustrations take the readers on a journey of their own thanks to the ease of digital media printing.

Often artists create work out of curiosity. What happens if they blend mediums, attach pieces, or work with different materials? There’s a constant hunger to explore and innovate. Curiosity is the major prompt for making art. Writers, like artists, will often create plots and stories because of that undying question: "What happens if...?”

Whether it’s about a furry character or mixing color, I find myself weaving a balancing act between the two. I create handcrafted storybooks to satisfy my curiosity and the need to work with my hands as well as to play with my inner child. I understand the world and express my place in it through my characters and my writing.

Nature, simplicity, transformation, surroundings, play, pattern, and spontaneity are all part of the creative process at Pippin’s Press. If you allow your imagination to soar freely you can rediscover the excitement of a child.

Now go get inspired!


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