Giddy Up for Milly Goes Western

Illustrations are well underway for the next storybook!

The final storyline came together this past winter when I sat down and reminisced about the ponies I’ve ridden in my youth along with all their nippy little quirks. It’s then that Milly’s character objective (what she wants) comes to me. As her short spunky legs start trotting towards a country fair, the story unfolds.

Chip, who is also part of the story heads off on an adventure too while at the Daisy Bell Country Fair. Ideas start pouring onto the paper as I thought of what shenanigans these two could get up to. You will even be meeting some new characters in this book.

Both Milly and Chip encounter conflict that challenges them. Once Milly is tacked up and ready to enter into the Western Pleasure Class, she meets the unexpected. As the story reaches its climax, Milly faces another conflict giving her more reason and opportunity to grow. Chip, on the other hand, learns that it’s sometimes best to know first what he’s getting himself into.

As the stakes get higher, Milly must muster up her strength. Does she end up succeeding at the show? Well… I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

The illustrations are folksier than from the first book – Milly The Naughty Pony – but you can still expect bright colorful imagery since the setting is at the fairgrounds. As my painting style evolved to a western rustic feel, so too did Milly, but in every way. She’s already whinnying about what she wants to do next! As her personality traits became more apparent, her physical form even changed. I think she grew longer legs!

In preference to the color of the book, I can’t make up my mind which of these three metallic colours would best go with the cover – Copper, Antique Gold, or Gold??? They all give a warm Western feel I like but which do you prefer?

Milly Goes Western is about finding one's courage, and that winning in life isn't always about blue ribbons and High Points. Sometimes, just maybe, winning in life means dusting ourselves off and learning to try again tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ve fired up my readers’ imaginations.

Scheduled to come out this fall, I’m sharing the book's progress on my social media pages if you’re curious to see more.

Looking forward to reading your colour choices in the comments!

Keep Walkin On,


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