Cowgirl’s Nostalgia

Pastel colors of pink, cream, and magenta burst through the downtown Victoria scenery like paint splashes on a canvas. The cherry blossoms are in full swing this season. The city’s spring landscape becomes my new color palette for this Western theme painting. It’s spring nuance on a mid summer’s day. The snapdragons, wild field grass, and basket of golds frame the scene with color.

Summer florals have been on my mind lately. I guess there’s a little nostalgia, as I make the next Milly book, for those long summer evenings spent at the barn. Fellow horse lovers know what I mean.

Because the hat and boots are the subjects for the painting, I mask/ frisket that part to do last and begin painting in the greenery and stool. I also masked the butterfly and some of the wildflowers so they pop out from the backwash. Pink accentuated with silver is a cowgirl go-to for clothing and horse gear, so I painted some pink flame-like design on the boots - why not, right?

Before I begin painting, I like to first decide what colors I’ll be using. You can see I made a quick color swatch to help me organize my mixes. For the background, I used a rose wash with some magenta/violet mix for the shading.

A wonderful gift for that cowgirl in your life, don't you think? Cowgirl’s Nostalgia is available in prints and cards here:

Happy Sunday!


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