Axel’s Missing Basil - The First Days

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

I’m an early morning kind of bun. Sunrise is my time to shine. I dig and chew in the box and I hop and I bop. It’s not hard to wake Abby – princess is wide-eyed when I shake the pen. Her thumps don’t scare me. I always look forward to breakfast.

Yesterday something wasn’t quite right. We had to wait for our morning pellets and greens. When it arrived I couldn’t smell the aromatic scent of basil. I sniffed again, but nothing. I love my basil, so I ate my breakfast in disappointment. When I asked Abby if she had basil in her breakfast, she just ignored me. Whatever, she can’t down my mojo. I’ll find out if she’s hoarding it.

Today is the same thing again! No basil. What is happening? Is there a basil shortage? It must be Abby’s fault. She’s always getting us into trouble. I’ll make sure to shove my nose right up to sniff her breathe and see if she ate basil.

Abby has no idea and thinks I should cool it. Cool it? How am I supposed to get on with my day without basil? It's what I look forward to -- well, that and chewing carpet. Brown spots now show my disapproval. All my toys are in the water bowl, so that should send a message. I just can’t work like this. Tomorrow will be better.

Day three. Still nothing. I must investigate. That big silver box holds the truth. It’s where all the delicious things are kept. There are two routes through the house that I could take to get to it. I must be quick.

*Sigh.... Until then I’ll keep a close watch.