A Rabbit’s Moon - Coming June 21st!!!

“Down the rabbit hole he wants to go,

where he should look nobody knows.”

Moonlight Rabbit wants to find his way home. What can he do but wait until night? Observing the wonders of nature around us, this sweet and magical rhyming poem book is perfect for daydreamers of every age. Enchanting illustrations show us the rabbit’s way.

I finally finished my 3rd book. A Rabbit’s Moon ranks favorite in our house. Vacating all that was familiar while I illustrated, the use of imagery, colour and style took on a story of its own. I had so much fun creating this sweet little book.

Many cultures view the rabbit as a mystical symbol. In East Asian folklore, the Moon Rabbit or Jade Rabbit symbolizes fertility, new life and prosperity. Serving the Moon Goddess, the rabbit grinds magical ingredients in a mortar and pestle for the elixir of life. Mid- Autumn Festival celebrates the end of harvest time and full moon. It’s tradition to place a clay rabbit on the dinner table acknowledging abundance and prosperity.

Here at the press, we thought this was pretty neat. Rabbits are most active in the twilight hours of both sunrise and sunset. They prefer to eat and celebrate by the light of a rabbit’s moon.

A wonderful addition to any nursery.


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