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About Us

Kyla Ilic

Kyla Ilic, Author, Artist and Founder of Pippin’s Press

A storyteller at heart, Kyla decided it was time to pursue her passion for all things creative by setting off on an adventure, writing and illustrating children’s books. In 2015, she founded Pippin’s Press and got to work designing and publishing storybooks that have reached the hands of young readers across North America. Her mission is to inspire an appreciation of art and to foster children’s creativity and widen their imaginations. On a farm nestled between the rainforest and the ocean in Victoria, BC, Kyla grew up raising horses. Kyla’s stories are about farm-life adventures narrated by rambunctious animals loved by children. 

Whatever she creates, it’s a prompt to a sense of vitality and playfulness in celebration of the greatest gift of all, the art of a life well-lived.


Axel & Abby

Axel and Abby, Studio Mascots

Axel and Abby are resident rabbits with big personalities. When not providing the building blocks to creativity or being the subjects of a painting, they take long afternoon naps and often remind the humans about dinner. They are currently co-authoring a vegan cookbook called Kale Kruncheasy recipes for that bunny glow. The book is temporarily on hold as their epicurean endeavors were hindered by a bad batch of non-organic kale. These two keep the spontaneity going at Pippin’s Press.