Hi, I’m Kyla and here’s my story.

Whether it’s with a pen or with my paintbrush, I’m a storyteller at heart. I was raised on regular spoonfuls of Mary Poppins, The Secret Garden and Peter Rabbit. It’s no wonder my imagination sometimes runs away on me. I rarely had dull moments. The creative spark ignited the day I jumped off my childhood swing set in search of some great adventure with my beloved Brittany Spaniel called Winger. A strong passion for creating, I’ve never stopped looking for ways to design. I enjoy painting in watercolour, illustrating and bookbinding.

My style is Victorian modern; I love the feel and binding of old prose books and tea sets. I paint with a purposeful blend of colour and I play around with the different textures and styles of paper for all my storybooks. I bring the past back by using recycled or repurposed materials whenever possible. After graduating with a Creative Writing Diploma, I realized all the possibilities of Pippin’s Press.

Nature, play and spontaneity are all part of the creative process at Pippin’s Press. I hope my storybooks and artwork bring you as much joy as it does for me creating them.

Kyla with Banner
Kyla and her books
Kyla @ Solstice Arts Festival
Kyla, Abby & Axel
Kyla @ Cobble Hill Fair
Kyla Painting the Dreamer